"Horror Movie Song" by Cancer Killing Gemini

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Halloween 2012!

the lyrics...

Porn star, dumb guy
Full moon climbs through a starless sky
Black car, brake lights
The air in this town doesn't feel quite right
Old man, with just one eye
That's no reason not to trust a guy
Cliche, right here
"We should split up"
That's a great idea

Now I want to see some vampires
I want to see the girl chased
Then I want to see a werewolf
I want to see their car crash
I wanna see the doll child
Crawling up the staircase
I want to see the porn star
Mangled in the car crash

Farm house, porch light
Let's go inside and stay for the night
Come see what I found
"Is it a big ancient book where the words move around?"
Just then the old man
Flailing around with a knife in his hand
Outside, best part
Never would've guessed that the car wouldn't start

Is the old man gonna get me
I thought we killed him yesterday
Now he's some kind of zombie
If he bites me
I will try to eat your brains
Just shoot me in the head we'll be okay
In the sequel I'm undead

ABOUT THE BAND - Cancer Killing Gemini is a genre-crossing rock band from Boston. Their ever-evolving sound allowing the band to change it's sound up at a moment's notice. A quote on the band's page describes this ability to go with the flow thusly, “McCartney and Mutemath meets Nine Inch Nails.” The band came to my attention after listening to a few songs and realized these musician has laid down the ultimate artistic gauntlet...! They have vowed to write and record a new song every month, forever! Go to their page for more information about this pledge and to hear what else is new.

Eric Michael Cohen – vocals, songwriting
Andrew Padua – bass
Max Butler – keyboards
Chuck Pukmel – guitars
Frank Hegyi – drums

11/10 Valentine's
Albany, NY w/ Bishop
11/15 ME Upstairs
Cambridge, MA w/ Bear Language and Juice

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