Doctor Gasp

This is So Damn Good

Dan Blakeslee is a musical storyteller and a skilled artist & designer. A gifted songwriter in his own right, Blakeslee takes on the moniker of Doctor Gasp each year as Halloween draws near. This year, Gasp is taking on all of New England! He planned this fall's tour as a lark - drawing a jack o'lantern on the map, looking for dates to coincide with each point. (When you are as special and spooky as Dr. Gasp, these are the sorts of things that come to your mind.) Well it's worked, big time. Armed with more than two albums worth of spooky, theatrical stories and a passion for playing the role, Blakeslee is bringing his Halloween roadshow to a town near you this year...

SO DAMN FUN - Ultimately this stuff is just really, really good and it works (scary good fun) for both adults and kids. Check out Dan's show and be sure to pick up some of his albums and artwork. All the artwork on his records, posters and website are all hand-drawn by him. He brings a book of this gorgeous work with him on the road and these one-of-a-kind music masterpieces make great gifts for the ghoul in
your life! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

 10.18 Providence, RI 
THE SALON 57 Eddy St. w/Vudu Sister + Haunt The House 9pm
 10.19 Sleepy Hollow, NY 
COFFEE LABS Main St. 8pm
 10.22 Saranac Lake, NY 
THE WATERHOLE 48 Main St. 7pm
 10.23 Burlington, VT 
RADIO BEAN N. Winooski Ave. 8pm
 10.24 Plattsburgh, NY 
ROTA GALLERY 50 Margaret St. 7pm
 10.25 West Glover, VT
 PARKER PIE 161 County Road w/Duke Areoplane (Galen / VT Joy Parade) 7:30pm
 10.26 Middlesex, VT 
NUTTY STEPH'S 961 C Route 2 w/Duke Areoplane (Galen / VT Joy Parade) 7pm
10.27 Bretton Woods, NH 
 10.28 Portland, ME 
BUBBA'S SULKY LOUNGE 92 Portland St. w/Old Soul + Tan Vampires 8pm 
10.29 Allston, MA 
O'BRIENS 3 Harvard Avenue
w/ Streight Angular + Crazy Exes From Hell + Haunt The House 8pm
 10.30 Salem, MA 
GULU GULU 247 Essex St. w/Tigersaw 8pm
 10.31 Dover, NH 
BARLEY PUB 328 Central Ave. w/Spinal Tarp 9pm

Dan Blakeslee as DOCTOR GASP 
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