Delilah in the Woods by Sam Friend & The Freckles

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Delilah lives in the woods
Out beyond the berry fields of Old Blacksburg
Delilah's a southern girl
And her hands they hover above the soil

Yes it's slow
But even Rome in all its glory
Pales in comparison
To the great unknown

Child of a holy host
Of mystic proportions
I thought
I thought I'd seen it all
Then I woke up at the wheel
Headed to make a deal
I hope
I hope I took enough

Yes it's a rush
To paint her fence in the shade
While she Charlestons
Before I lose my train of thought
To the great unknown

Yes it's a rush
To paint my face in the name of the ain't made up
Before I lose my train of thought
To the great unknown

Sam Friend - Vocals, Guitar
Luke Moellman - Drums
Bridget Davis - Vocals
Abigail Wilensky - Violin
Bryson Barnes - Trumpet
Jim Camacho - Bass

Shot at Metaphonic Studios
Media by Luke Moellman

ONE TO WATCH - Raised on music in Miami but now based in Brooklyn, Sam Friend continues to honor his roots with thoughtful songwriting and a dedication to the poetic leanings of both the 60's folk movement and experimental and electronic landscapes. The results are pretty incredible.

Laura Moreno photo

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