Counting Crows: The NY Secret Show!

Photographic Evidence
by 5342 Studios

Photos from
The Outlaw Roadshow

at The Bowery Electric 
10/19/12 NY, NY

CMJ Music Festival audiences were treated to perhaps the best set of the week on Friday night as Counting Crows played the unofficial and well-attended Outlaw Roadshow at The Bowery Electric. The show is co-curated by singer Adam Duritz and RSL's Editor Ryan Spaulding. Four members of Counting Crows (Duritz, Dan Vickrey, Dave Immergluck, and Charlie Gillingham) played acoustically for a delighted mass of 200+ music fans and band members in town for the showcase.

The room was painted in golden sound - this was a moment hung in time, like art on a museum wall. The energy of the room was positively charged, with a sense of fellowship. Duritz demonstrated his stage prowess - both through his presentation of songs (a mix of the old and the new) and through his colorful storytelling. He embraced the crowd and crediting a number of independent musicians who have come to impact him musically and personally - as friends during the year prior. The singer relayed he had musicians and friends staying on his couches, beds and on the floors of his home. The hour came to end the show and the great staff at The Bowery Electric let the music carry on. It was one of those evening in which no harm could be done and despite the fact it was a free and open show, everyone was getting paid in some way...

Counting Crows were actually billed at the show in advance: they were listed on the poster as SONIC COW GRUNT, making for great laughs from the crowd as Duritz discussed the naming of the band on stage.

[ SETLIST ] The highlights for this writer were magnificent versions (the best these ears have ever heard live) of "Rain King" and "Washington Square." At one point Duritz and Immergluck (Immy) took the stage together and performed a heartbreaking and beautiful cover version of "Girl of the North Country" made famous by Bob Dylan. Counting Crows invited indie musicians Daniel And The Lion (Wisconsin) and Filligar (Chicago) on stage to sing Dylan's "You Aint' Goin' Nowhere" - which the Crows cover on their latest album Underwater Sunshine.

Counting Crows appear on Howard Stern today.


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