Underground Sounds
by Tim Osbourne

Tim Osbourne is a Music writer in the UK.
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Toy played their very first gig only last year, at London’s Cave Club, which of course, happens to be run by UK indie scene darlings The Horrors. Fortunately for Toy, their world-beating landlords (Horrors) took this emerging quintet under their wing offering them support slots. This soon brought them to the attention of electronic music legend Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas and Primal Scream.) The band's first album debuts this week in Europe [Editor's Note: Amazon UK won't let me buy it yet. If you are a rather impatient soul like me and you find yourself reading this from America, go to Toy's website (link is below) and stream the audio!]

Relying heavily on the trippy garage music of the late 60s and German art-rock (or "krautrock" as it is often affectionately termed) of the early 70s, the band more than tips its hat to My Bloody Valentine on its earliest material – most readily on first single 'Left Myself Behind', but there is so much potential for growth and development within this sound. Toy could indeed follow in the footsteps of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sonic Youth and Interpol, and perhaps even eclipse them (well, maybe not Sonic Youth) in terms of mainstream success. Only time will tell but there is solid reason to think this group will keep on getting better and better.

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