One Night Band returns!

A Boston Music Tradition
Saturday, Sept 8th

Cambridge, MA
$12 / 18+


THE LEGEND CONTINUES - One of this city's great music tradition is only four years in the making and still has a really important legacy. It's One Night Band time again. This Saturday, 40 local musicians be shuffled into new bands of five with the mission of writing three new songs and performing one cover, all in a day's work. These 40 brave souls will arrive at the Middle East in Cambridge long before the staff and customers do to meet their new bandmates, to select a name and get working on their songs...

By the end of the day, these new bands will perform for a large audience comprised of local music devotees, friends, family and local musicians. It's a great way to inspire community and it's a lot of fun. The proceeds of the event benefit two very worthwhile music-intiatives: Zumix and Girls Rock: Boston Campaign.


Aaron Perrino
Aaron Silverstein
Abram Taber
Adam Anderson
Alison Murray
Annie Hoffman
Bob Maloney
Bryan Hinkley
Candace Clement
Caroline Toth
Chris Toppin
Dave Stoops
Elena Siegman
Eric Edmonston
Eric Ramsley
Evelyn Pope
Jared Egan
Jay Allen
Joshua Pickering
Keith Pierce
Kristina Parish
Kyle Rasmussen
Mariam Saleh
Matt Parish
Melanie Bernier
Molly Zenobia
Nate Rogers
Nazli Green
Nicholas Giadone Ward
Peter Moore
Rafi Sofer
Reuben Bettsak
Sharon Crumrine
Steve Lord
Ted Billings
Theresa Polk
Todd Sampson
Walter Sickert
Will Dailey



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