OldJack in the Park

Photographic Evidence
by 5342 Studios

New Photos from
The Back Yard Bash 7/14/12
in Lynn, MA

Some three years after their inception as a band, Boston's OldJack have clearly taken over as one of New England's best live acts and are continually finding new audiences for their gorgeous harmonies, classic rock jams and modern takes on old-time soul music.

RSL's 5342 Studios caught up with the band last month at the Back Yard Bash in Lynn hosted by Arts After Hours. It was an event intended to bring the best regional culture and arts players - but it was also about opening peoples eyes to what the possibilities are for their community... For a few short hours, Lynn, MA, was treated to the best live music in New England. The setting was professional yet festive, the mood anxious but light. A near capacity audience were treated to this magic...


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