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Songs not just about life, they're about living... The inhabitants of Tim Noyes' songs live in gilded houses and in dumpy apartments. They live with regret, pain and loss but they celebrate happiness and breathe the air... Meet Aunt Martha - one of the northeast's premier sounds, the band that brings those songs to life! Regular readers know we've written about them before and helped steer audiences in Boston to their shows but for many of you this will be your first exposure. You're joining a large, ever-emerging fan base. Aunt Martha have made fans criss-crossing the nation on tour, winning hearts at last year's Bonnaroo music festival. Great stuff..

photos by David Kepner

PERFECT FOR RIGHT NOW - The other thing about Aunt Martha - they have a beautiful summer sound... they fit in perfect with crickets at night, kids playing in waves, roof-top drinks and hot discoveries. Get in on this..

Aunt Martha
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