Innovation: the Novation ZeRO SL MkII

New Tools of the Trade
Video and Sounds Achieved

and the plug-in control surface... the customisable "launch pad"

Meet the ZeRO SL MkII by Novation. It's the sound management and presentation midi-controller that a lot of DJs are experimenting with these days with great results and even more of you out there want to be in their shoes. We first showed you this device and it's completely unique plug-in control surface in *a video clip* of France's Madeon back last year. Over that time, the Mark II has become standard in a lot of professional rigs... Use the preceding link to watch Madeon basically invent the launch pad before the world even knew what to do with it last year. And then check out this clip by London, Ontario's Mikie Tompkins ripping it up!

Mike Tompkins
Bandcamp (free download) / Soundcloud

midi-controllers, the launch pad & the ZeRO SL MkII

here's a promotional video for the device I found online:


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