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TIP FROM A FRIEND - I hate to be the guy who labels a band as “the next big thing,” but after seeing Family of the Year perform recently at Lambert’s in downtown Austin, it’s hard for me not to imagine this band exploding. The LA outfit’s most recent offering, Loma Vista, is sure to be a quintessential summer album, brimming over with sing-along anthems like “The Stairs” and “St. Croix.”

After a few lineup changes, the band now consists of brothers Joe and Sebastian Keefe, Christina Schroeter and Jamesy Buckey. Each member providing an essential element as the band presents raw, narrative lyrics accompanied with lush harmonies and robust musical arrangements. Taken as a whole, Loma Vista is a celebration of life and the diary of a contemplative soul.
Highlights of the record include the aforementioned “The Stairs,” which winds its way through a night of youthful irreverence and a search for belonging:
“They made the sunrise for people like us
So we have an excuse as to why we're still up
Just so we can feel a little bit better
About the neighbor's angry letter on our door step
On our door fucking step”

From top to bottom, the songs are earnest and warm. Even the slower numbers, like “Hero” and “Hey Ma” swell with emotion, as they walk the line between the innocence of youth and the cynicism of growing older.

The best part for me is the polish of the record loses nothing when transferred to the live show. Even playing to an undeservedly small crowd, the band exuded charm and passion while belting out each song with precision. This album should find a home on many Best of 2012 lists. It should also find a home in a car on an open road, with the volume up and the windows down. Family of the Year is the spark ready to set the world on fire.

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