Crème de la Crème New England - KINGSLEY FLOOD

Photographic Evidence
by 5342 Studios

New Photos from
The Back Yard Bash 7/14/12
in Lynn, MA

The Very Best Live Acts in New England today - So you haven't seen Kingsley Flood yet? You haven't witnessed their brand Americana Grind - equal parts Country, Rock, Blues, and Post-punk Americana... This is just about as good as it gets right now - Kingsley have played throughout the Northeast along with some of the big music festival stages. Over the last 16 months they released their full-length debut, Dust Windows, and a breakthrough follow-up EP, Colder Still, and are even now, hard at work on their latest release due sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

RSL's 5342 Studios caught up with the band last week at the Back Yard Bash in Lynn hosted by Arts After Hours. It was an event intended to bring the best regional culture and arts players - but it was also about opening peoples eyes to what the possibilities are for their community... For a few short hours, Lynn, MA, was treated to the best live music in New England. The setting was professional yet festive, the mood anxious but light. A near capacity audience were treated to this magic... Kingsley Flood helped make it a big success.

It won't be long, we predict, until the world knows the sound of this music...


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