Runaway Dorothy in Boston

Photographic Evidence
images by Anne Cook
thoughts by Ryan Spaulding

The Scene: Cafe 939
Boston, MA - 5/18/12

ONE TO WATCH IN 2012 - I don't think I was prepared for how good Runaway Dorothy had become. Having seen the band play in Austin was an awakening. Booking them to play The Outlaw Roadshow was pretty much genius as it proved - they were one of the most popular bands in our entire lineup - but all that paled in comparison to what unfolded in Boston on Runaway Dorothy's arrival. Dave Parnell and the boys have grown tighter with each live session, each night on the road. And the new material they are set to unleash rivals anything we have seen our heard in the last year. Mark my words people - you will be hearing much more from this act in the year to come...

original poster design by Frank Germano of Man on Fire design.


Runaway Dorothy
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