Underground Sounds
by Tim Osbourne

Tim Osbourne is a Music writer in the UK.
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Johnny5thWheelandthecowards have an interesting name, incredible energy and some fantastic tunes to go with it. It's almost cabaret pop-rock, and sounds wonderfully weird. This Preston, Lancashire-based collective are able to seamlessly turn their obscure influences into something wholly innovative and very accessible; stick The Dresden Dolls, Tom Waits, Elbow and erm... David Bowie in a blender and you might come up with a sound that is somewhat similar. It's very peaceful, and yet still challenging for the listener. [Editor's Note: This band could be the long lost sister-band to Boston's own Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. (Sensational!) I may make it my life's ambition to get these two acts together on stage... ]

Tracks like 'O My Soul' from the band's début 2010 release 'Tales Of' (a tune that, FYI, has a cracking animated video that you should check out) and the more recent single, 'Spike' both showcase the band's passionate and delightfully innovative take on progressive jazz and steampunk rock.

Through strong live showcases (supporting credible international acts including Thomas Truax) and a dedicated work ethic, J5W are set to keep things exciting this year as they continue to release new material in raw and entertaining ways...

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