Gus + Scout in Boston

Photographic Evidence
images by Anne Cook
thoughts by Ryan Spaulding

The Scene: Cafe 939
Boston, MA - 5/18/12

We knew what we were in for (we did book them after all) but what transpired during Gus + Scout's set in the Red Room at Cafe 939 was pretty inspirational and damn special. The duo, backed by an adept and vibrant band, filled the room full of heartfelt blues, two-part, sympatico harmonies and most importantly - hope for the future.

It felt like we might be at the beginning of something truly great.
And that is always worth the price of admission...

Gus Wenner (son of Rolling Stone founder Jan Wenner) and Scout Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) have known one another since childhood but only started playing music together about a year ago while attending Brown University. Boy, are they doing something right! Their chemistry together if great and Scout Willis' voice - particularly, is soaring and beautiful.

Scout Willis

Gus Wenner

This was Gus + Scout's very first time together before an audience in Boston. The show was live broadcast in streaming HD video, eliciting comments and feedback by west coast and international audiences via twitter. We are awaiting word on the band's next move.

original poster design by Frank Germano of Man on Fire design.


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