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by Tim Osbourne

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Lydia Baylis has made an early career out of building powerful and anthemic folk-ridden tracks that can seamlessly resonate with most everyone. Lyrically, she is challenging and provocative, but the material this artist comes out with is still absolutely and completely accessible for fans of modern indie music.

Indeed, one of the most impressive things about the artist is how closely she holds her musical influences to the heart. The “raw-ness” of Van Morrison is definitely present, alongside the attitude of Green Day via the top-class songwriting of Velvet Underground and the feel-good element of Bowie (yes, her first single Starman is a homage to the man himself).

In terms of other, more lyrical passions, Lydia writes about what she sees, and how she feels in life, which, like we said, one can always relate to. It's a beautiful thing when a singer can bare their soul with true conviction and fortunately, Lydia does this every time she steps into the studio to record, or gets on the stage to perform with her band. If you fancy giving her a quick listen (and in case you haven't guessed yet, we think you should), then we can wholeheartedly pitch the aforementioned 'Starman' to you – it's all delicate keys, light guitars with seductive vocal tones, and quite charmingly is loosely based on the desire to be taken away into space and experience new life. Nice.


In another great stroke of luck, Lydia has been able to mix it up with the music industry's best and brightest talent-in-the-know over her time in "the biz," such as Ian Pickering (Sneaker Pimps) and writer and producer
Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue, Simple Minds). Having recently returned from New York where she has made significant contacts with proper production “big-wigs” in (the delightfully named) Crispin Thump (a team made up of writer/producer/engineer Augustus Skinner [EMF] and TV and film composer Ronan Coleman [Last Days On Earth]), things are going rather well for Miss Baylis, and deservedly so, we feel.

Lydia takes the listener along on real soul-soothing aural journeys – it's summer all year round with Lydia's effortlessly intriguing sound. Enjoy it.

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