Make Some Noise (Beastie Boys)

With the sad news of Adam Yauch's passing, I am moved to recall the summers of my youth sitting in small cars, packed with tall, gawky friends listening to Beastie Boys cassettes played at volumes far too loud to be healthy. We all knew every word, each pause - every last syllable. We were alive and this was our soundtrack. And so I struggled for the last 24 hours on how to best memorialize MCA - the loss still not fully realized. And it came to me that there's nothing I could write that would be more meaningful from a friend, nothing more "correct" than from a music journalist. I just wanted to stop and celebrate the noise and be a fan for a minute today. It's what I do best..

The raucous, newish old-skool (long version) video for "Make Some Noise" comes off from last year's Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. I love it because it's undeniably over the top, in your face, and just so damn ridiculous...

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