Kasey Anderson & The Honkies are added to The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play!

What's Coming This Summer - Counting Crows are taking RSL's The Outlaw Roadshow on the road with them this Summer! That means amazing exposure opportunities for emerging talent and will provide the best live show possibilities for fans. You literally will see Counting Crows and the best supporting acts this country can offer. Fans should arrive early to these shows - every band was hand-selected. There are no throwaways.

"We handpicked every venue ourselves to get out of the cookie cutter places & into cooler outdoor gigs that WE wanted to play & we're pretty sure YOU are gonna dig," said Adam Duritz. "But the best part of all is that we're taking THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW on the road with us to bring all OUR favorite new bands to YOU. This summer COUNTING CROWS & RYAN'S SMASHING LIFE Present THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW!! On The Road and Everywhere You Are -- All Summer Long!!!"

Kasey Anderson


Working with the best music acts every day of each year - in one capacity or another, has made me a very lucky man. The inclusion of Kasey Anderson and the Honkies comes perhaps as little surprise to both our regular readers and to the fans of Counting Crows. In Nowhere Nights and Heart of a Dog (2010 and 2011 Album Buyer's Guide selections), Anderson and Company have proven to be amongst the best songwriting and performance outfits in the entire country. Kasey played a short string of West Coast dates with Counting Crows last year to rave reviews. And the band has earned their prior invitations to play The Outlaw Roadshow in New York during CMJ, in Austin for SxSW and now they will join Counting Crows for the second leg of the Summer 2012 Tour with The Outlaw Roadshow.

Mike Musburger, Eric Corson, Kasey Anderson & Andrew McKeag
Hilary Harris photo

Counting Crows fans possessing the new album, Underwater Sunshine, know the band covers "Like Teenage Gravity," a Kasey Anderson original. As I said, this pick - far from being unexpected - should be seen as a gift to our fans. This series of shows should be unbelievably fun -with talented friends!

Today marks the world premiere of "Some Depression" - the first single from Kasey's upcoming record, Let the Bloody Moon Rise. Preorder just opened up for this one. (You can pick CD, LP or digital.) If you order early, The Honkies add three songs you won't get any other way and a free live download of the band playing a scalding set at The Triple Door in Seattle.

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