Grillin' Time makes Summer Fine

Thus Begins the Summer
Just for the Sake of it.

Ed Mitchell photo

FRIENDS & FIRE - Six years ago RSL was setup as one man's creative outlet (and probably a desperate call for help) and now it is something much more. With the work of contributors and readers from around the globe, we are just a little bit closer to a functioning family or a labor collective, at any rate... Today we celebrate the start of our summer and a number of us will gather around a fire, grill meat, eat salads and drink some cool refreshing beer. It's not the most indie thing we've done this week but it's going to be great to see everybody and to plan the months ahead. I get some visibility to the goals and aspirations of our staff, we get some nom nom (sip sip) time in and party a little. Here's hoping that you find a grill to stay behind - or at the least - a friend to jaw with for a few today!

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