Good Old War join The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play!

What's Coming This Summer - Counting Crows are taking RSL's The Outlaw Roadshow on the road with them this Summer! That means amazing exposure opportunities for emerging talent and will provide the best live show possibilities for fans. You literally will see Counting Crows and the best supporting acts this country can offer. Fans should arrive early to these shows - every band was hand-selected. There are no throwaways.

Facts About the Tour - There are 3 legs to the tour starting in June and going all the way thru September. The tour was designed to hit every area of the country and to get out of the dense traditional venues and get into a proper setting for the fans to enjoy a night of music... The goal was to put on the best shows of everyone's lives.

"We handpicked every venue ourselves to get out of the cookie cutter places & into cooler outdoor gigs that WE wanted to play & we're pretty sure YOU are gonna dig," said Adam Duritz. "But the best part of all is that we're taking THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW on the road with us to bring all OUR favorite new bands to YOU. This summer COUNTING CROWS & RYAN'S SMASHING LIFE Present THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW!! On The Road and Everywhere You Are -- All Summer Long!!!"

Good Old War

Philadelphia's Good Old War are the very first band announced for this year's Summer-long Outlaw Roadshow tour with Counting Crows. It's a season of victory in store for the magical three-piece who already offer up some of the best harmonies in music today. Sitting down and talking with Adam Duritz about the selection, it was a real no-brainer. We had to add Good Old War.

The ethereal quality of the trio's voices and the rigid, focused quality of their music - both proved to be capable of transporting listeners to far away places. Good Old War are Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold and Daniel Schwartz. The three, who have been playing together since 2008, just released their third full-length record, Come Back as Rain (listen), this year on Sargent House. It's probably their finest work to-date, showcasing their romantic storytelling, sharp playing and enigmatic charm.

Another band announcement for The Outlaw Roadshow later today.

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