RSL presents OldJack, Cask Mouse & a Mystery Band - May 12th

A Night of Musical Adventure
Sat 5/12/12 at Radio Bar
21+ 8pm - just $8 RSVP

Two of Boston's Brightest and a MYSTERY Third!

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MYSTERY BAND - One of my favorite bands. Most of you have never seen them play live before. We can't tell you anything yet. Well worth the price of admission on their own (and more) and then there's the matter of two exceptional Boston acts...

The Region's Best Rock & Soul...

"Take a Bow" is new and an OldJack original.
The track was produced by Will Dailey & recorded by Scott Riebling

As Good As It Gets Right Now - Depending on your music tastes, OldJack could be the best live band in New England right now. I put them in the Top 5 without hesitation. I'm delighted to have helped serve up to massive audiences at both CMJ and at SxSW - but let's be clear: they delivered big time! The band is much, much bigger than our small stages. The light is burning bright and you should catch it whenever you can!

Single Release - On Saturday, May 12th, OldJack will be unleashing their new single, "Radio" at the club of the same name. This should be really, really good.

Stoke the Fire - There's a pretty extensive new OJ piece worth a read on Bill Copeland Music News. While much of the piece serves as an introductory piece, there's some new light shed on the band's recording of "Take a Bow" and a few colorful insights offered by Old Jack's Dan Nicklin.

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Brilliant New Sounds - A light shines brightly on Cask Mouse these days. The band proved to be one of the standouts of this year's Rock 'n Roll Rumble. The summer ahead promises to be an exceptional opportunity for them to gain a strong foothold here in Boston. [Editor's Note: bonus points for the stand-up base. But this goes without saying... apologies.] For those reading this from outside Boston, take heed! This is some good sh*t...!

Meet the Band - With love and respect for the art of songwriting enjoyed by generations, Cask Mouse sifts the sand of time to bring alive new stories of American life with the love and craftsmanship that made this country what it is today. Its members draw from all aspects of their diverse musical and geographical experiences to truly express emotion and tell untold truths. With a sweeping love for all music they find themselves meandering the genres of country, folk, rock n’roll, rhythm and blues, gospel and soul.

Cask Mouse
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