RSL presents Ocho de Mayo - 4 Stellar Bands, $8

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The Adventure Continues.... First there was CMJ: The Outlaw Roadshow entertains 600 music fans in New York City. Then there was SxSW: The Outlaw Roadshow entertains 4,500 fans in Austin, TX. This May 8th... we've returned home to Boston - back for Ocho de Mayo! It's a show that's half party, all rock 'n roll. What you are about to take in is probably the best weekday music showcase Boston's seen so far this Spring...! Come to the Ocho.

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from Boston, MA

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One of New England's Best Rock Bands (I've got them entrenched in the top 3) isn't slowing down. The Wandas' self-titled record in 2011 was so good (RSL Best of 2011) the group found sponsorship, a big tour bus and adventures around the country. One of my all-time favorite memories of SxSW will be partying with these guys and Dawes...

With a renewed sense of direction, a few home-cooked meals and a bottle of whiskey tucked under each of their arms, The Wandas are back in town + ready to boogie down this May 8th. Be ready for the unexpected!

from Chicago, IL

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Just having left Chicago for their national tour, Archie Powell & the Exports have made a career of grafting prismatic power pop and sardonic, dark looks at the world with massively addictive pop and rock songs with hooks galore. They make it look simple; Powell is incapable of writing an un-danceable tune, whether he turns a jaundiced eye on the culture of self-medication or whipping up a 3 minute heist story.

Great Ideas in Action (out May 1, 2012) is the band’s third release of deceptively sophisticated songs. This will be their first time through New England with these songs in tow. Ocho de Mayo is starting to look like a must, isn't it?

from Toronto, On

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"Whoa, Are You Kidding Me?" Those are my words. It was mid-afternoon in downtown Manhattan and it was too early for me to be drinking whiskey. But there I was, watching Sandman Viper Command tear a hole in the roof of Arlene's Grocery during a CMJ show. I knew then we would meet again and so shall you...

In the beginning, the four best friends who make up the ambitiously named outfit (Rob Janson, Aaron Harvey, Dan Reardon, Matt Meyer) locked themselves up for days in their parents’ basements practicing and refining demos, only emerging when they had stumbled upon the most perfect blend of garage pop/guitar fuzz rock this side of the border has heard in a long time.

from Boston, MA

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Probably "the" feel-good band right now in Boston. I've been in Streight Angular's corner for a while now. Every show is an event and every single one is a little different. With friends regularly joining in on the fun a set is includes performance art, body paint, neon lights beads and a lot of singing. I wasn't sure if I could do the Cinco de Ocho show without them, good thing we don't have to face that dark reality. Seriously fun!

let's keep it good + keep it going!


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