Heroes of Popular Wars - American Loser

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artist: Johannes DeYoung: "Ego Loser"

If you like swirling atmospherics in your music, this might the next band for you. I've been listening to Heroes of Popular Wars for the last couple years. Sometimes that dissonant emotive smoke and haze is absolutely perfect to express what's going on. "American Loser" is a great example of the static-y shoegaze etherea this band can cook up. Love the bonus percusion and organ on this one. Definitely a winner.

And as for the S2K-edited music video (follows) - with it's series of arresting images - it's a worthwhile companion to the lyric's critical satire. All in a day's work for this band! Someone You Should know.

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Stickdude said…
Definitely one of my favorite bands. Check them out!

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