Gentlemen Hall at The Outlaw Roadshow

SxSW 2012 Coverage
Images by 5342 Studios

Austin, TX - Saturday 3/17

SxSW 2012 Standouts - Gentlemen Hall have moved well beyond their zeitgeist band status (well earned the last two years) and have achieved something far more important. They're just one of the best live bands today - certainly greater than most bands they are too-oft grouped in with. Their sound is the product of their original vision, extensive time practicing and playing together and - their extensive early successes. This is a hungry act and it shows with each performance. Each show is it's own gift. (It's a great way that audiences feel the same.)

Perhaps that's the ultimate skill in Gentlemen Hall's utility belt - they feed off the energy of the crowd. Put them in a capacity situation - a building jammed with music lovers like this one in Austin, and everyone in the room was bouncing! An amazing set from a band you need to know - and to see live for yourself, to believe.


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