Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Are these Kids???!!!

Unbelievable Covers
Crazy Fan-Made Video!

You Never Ever Know What You're Going to Find on the Internet - I got home late tonight and was doing some research for an upcoming piece on AM & Shawn Lee's new album (new to you perhaps - but for me, Top Ten contemporary acts right now!) when I came across these kids covering "Callahan" from last year's Celestial Electric record -{BEST OF 2011 ALBUM LIST}- ... All I can say dudes, is this video and cover are the balls! You kill it! Send me your demo!!

AM & Shawn Lee
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Ryan Spaulding said...

AM contacted me today. He thinks this might be just one kid doing crazy editing!

ranikade3 said...

thanks for linking our video. There's two of us! hahaha!