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Red Hot from Atlanta

THEY'REEE BACKKK! - Easily the most fun band I have worked with the last two years, Atlanta's Baby Baby are a frenzy of action and movement on stage, their smiles are as contagious as the plague. On tour last year - a journey that would bring BABY BABY to Boston, we learned that the four of them were in the outskirts of Detroit and nearly got busted for stealing a chicken from a farmer there. They intended, evidently, to keep the bird in the van as a pet on tour. (The chicken landed back in the hands of it's rightful owner and no charges were pressed but I can't help but feel the bird missed out.) Baby Baby made it to Boston for the show and just demolished our audiences.

Then we partied for hours in a hotel without the police being called. Good times. Things don't slow down - at least we hope they don't - when you are this good. Tall Tales aside, this is somebody you need to know. I really wish they had been able to be in Texas for our show at SxSW because they would have most definitely been invited on to the bill.

ABOUT THE VIDEO - Today's masterpiece was directed by Terence RUSHin (the same talented filmmaker who gave us "Kidz" (Watch It!) and production team Chasing Squirrelz.
* No Children were harmed in the making of this video! Enjoy.

Baby Baby
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