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THE CLASS OF 2012 - Our commitment to helping expose top new music talent is made all the easier when the bands sound this good on first listen. Meet The Minor Leagues, a seven piece indie-pop band out of Cincinnati, with one of the best sounds I have heard come out of the young year. Their new album out this week, "North College Hill," (Datawaslost) offers up a shimmering pop haunted by nostalgia. (My ears picked up these quirky advances and found them similar to The New Pornographers and Bishop Allen.)

A few of the songs on the album offer listeners a bit of a challenge. Lyrically solemn, they offer sad, bittersweet tales of home: small, midwestern towns dissolving into the dust of today's America. But these songs have a mismatch in sound. They still bounce like a leaf on the wind of a Spring day. We've heard Belle and Sebastian do the same - but the melancholy results have never seemed so close to home - and the heart.

The Minor Leagues are: Ben Walpole (Vocals), Patrick Helmes (Guitars), Matt Retherford (Drums) Jesse Rogers (Bass), Hilly Kenkel (Vocals) Luke McGlasson (Trumpet and Guitar) and Amanda Lee Anderson (Keys).

I really hope this band succeeds. I'll ask you this: How long has it been since you pulled for a new band because they have such great sound?

The Minor Leagues
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