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Someone You Should Know

Your Wake Up Call - A Sharon Van Etten song can begin as softly, as innocuously as a leaf tumbling down a grassy hill. I listen to her words this cool morning standing inside a window, peering out on a world that's just then waking up. I am not alone.. Van Etten has a chilling ability to seemingly be in the room with her listener. In so many ways her newest; "Tramp" (a record I only just recently found the time to sit down and listen to) is a beautiful reminder that truth and good company can be waiting for you after each bend in the road.

Words Fail Me - I could sling complimentary and ambiguous terms at Sharon's songs all day, "uplifting", "ethereal", "heartening", "soul-filled", "sensitive", but none of these can replace the magic that comes from self-discovery. Regardless of where you are reading this from there are some immediate ways to accomplish this...

This Week - In Boston, you can make plans to attend Van Etten's Thursday night show 2/13/12 at The Paradise. I can't imagine there are an abundance of tickets remaining. (Perhaps you should act soon?) Then there are the rest of you who must be content with the album but this is no consolation prize. You will find, as I have, that with Sharon's music, you will never be in solitary confinement. This experiment has been thoroughly proved out. You can thank me later..

photo by Kristianna Smith

Sharon Van Etten


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