The NEW Jack White

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Get Ready Folks It's Coming

New Album "Blunderbuss" is out April 23rd

1. Missing Pieces
2. Sixteen Saltines
3. Freedom At 21
4. Love Interruption
5. Blunderbuss
6. Hypocritical Kiss
7. Weep Themselves To Sleep
8. I'm Shakin'
9. Trash Tongue Talker
10. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
11. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep
12. On And On And On
13. Take Me With You When You Go

Jack White appears on Saturday Night Live on March 3rd

Jack White
Third Man / Fb / Tw


Amazing! Great sound man!
Atta boy, jack. There's not a single thing he does that does not captivate, impress, and confuse me all at the same time.. which of course is the best part. The different projects (dead weather, stripes, etc), the different sounds, the different looks, the different videos (esp the new one for love interruption)... he's one of the only artists to always keep me guessing. Which is what I love most about him! Anyway, ramble ramble... i think this new song is great and really can't wait to hear the rest in just a couple months.

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