Confirmed to Play: Foreign Fields

Austin, TX - Saturday 3/17
19 Acts & Completely Free!

introducing... Foreign Fields

ELECTRO FOLK FROM WISCONSIN - Foreign Fields is an electronic folk duo that hails from the wintry plains of Wisconsin. New Years day of last year they met in their hometown, in an abandoned office building, to begin work on their first full length LP "Anywhere But Where I Am". Having no set plan or guide, the album grew naturally as they left their lives in Chicago for hot summer days, skipping stones in the rivers of Tennessee.

They self-released their album January first of this year and it has since gone on to receive considerable attention and praise without any outside help. In the upcoming months, Flights will be releasing a short film for each of the 13 tracks on their album as well as releasing a supplemental instrumental EP.

* Editor's post script - Shortly after playing our show in Austin, the band-formerly known as Flights, changed it's name to Foreign Fields.

Foreign Fields have a few, very select appearances set in Austin during SxSW. We couldn't be happier to add this most promising new act to The Outlaw Roadshow on March 17th. There they will join an amazing, free lineup of 19 bands. RSVP today! Plan to spend the full seven hours. The music never stops!

Foreign Fields
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Anonymous said…
Being from Wisconsin, I'm proud of all these bands and artists coming out of this wonderful state, but boy....this sure does sound like a Bon Iver rip off. Almost like a cross between "For Emma" and "Skinny Love", but more like "For Emma". It's different though and I give them credit, but ouch.
Ryan Spaulding said…
All I can tell you is that Bon Iver can't own entire genre. Folk and Electronic music have come together and they will find new and beautiful ways to do it again..
Anonymous said…
Don't get me wrong, I'm diggin' their style and Pillars is a good track, but this riff on Taller just sounds too familiar. To jump into this category of music and then be from Wisconsin, they have some big shoes to fill I guess. I wish them the best of luck with everything.
Anonymous said…
I hear a lot more amazing influences in this music than just Bon Iver. Also, not sure if they really had a say in what state they're from and what kind of music they're passionate about playing. I really dig it!
Anonymous said…
I'm gonna agree with the comment above, being from the same state and playing the same genre does not constitute a rip-off. Plus this release is just the two main guys. This time around playing live, there will be a full band..stoked to hear how that sounds!

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