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ONE TO WATCH - Brooklyn's FAN-TAN have come to be well-known for their intense live performances, melding swirling guitar noise and icy bass to post-punk rhythms, haloed by sharp, lilting vocal melodies. The band have undergone a number of changes over the last year. Now a trio, Fan-Tan are preparing to release their debut full-length, "A Strange Game." The video for the lead single, "1989" is below. You can download the mp3 as well by visiting the band's site. One year ago this week, we coaxed the band north to Boston to play's Anniversary Show in what is still one of my favorite bills to-date.

Our New York readers can catch the band playing Glasslands in Williamsburg tonight.

About the Video - The video for 1989 was created by Dutch videomaker Christiaan Kanis, who at just 22, is already making his name as a seasoned professional. The collaboration came into being by chance, when a friend of the band found Kanis’ mesmerizing short film Curse of The Marionette online. He was so enraptured by its beautiful, nostalgic photography that he edited, for his own enjoyment, some of its images to Fan-Tan’s music.

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