Gentlemen Hall - All Our Love

The Music Video from
Someone You Should Know

I’ve been away too long
and I keep my head in the clouds
I’m just waiting for a way
now to get back down
Twenty some years
put a lot of overlapping thoughts in my head
don’t matter wanna wash ‘em away
and just space out

And I’m naked
underwater I’m changing
my scenery
And I’m breaking
through the water
I’m saving
what’s left of me

All our love is
All we have it’s

Show me how we loved
back when we were young
Did you feel the way you did
when you stare down a gun
is it over
or has it begun

I’m laughing in the face
of the keeper of time
how did we get off changing
all that we left behind
let’s sleep while waiting
fall asleep while waiting

And I’m naked
underwater I’m breaking
so easily

Paint this picture on the wall
tells the story of it all
slipping away

Video directed by Rodigo J Lopez and Vassili Shields

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Anonymous said…
These guys are amazing

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