The Crushing Low - Skyline Carousel

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The Crushing Low - Dead Eyes

NEW ALBUM - The Crushing Low are a four-piece (Alex Lynch: Bass, Scott Lerner: Guitar, Scott Maher: Drums, and Ed Healy: Guitar,Vocals) indie rock band who have somehow managed to be playing music together after 5+ years! (Most bands can't outlast a single summer these days.)

The Crushing Low release their new EP, "Skyline Carousel" tonight at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville. For those outside the region reading this, feel free to head over to the The Crushing Low bandcamp page and download those songs on "pay what you want" basis. Band says nothing is acceptable as well. Gotta love an act that understands the power of putting their music in the hands of the people!

Album Release Tonight at Precinct in Somerville with
Garvy J and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance
Adela and Jude (of TheyWillHateUs), and Petrina Foley

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