Jesse Dee + Tim Gearan "Winter Wonderland"

New Music for X-Mas
Mercy! Now, that's a Holiday Accompaniment!

A LETTER FROM SANTA - This version of “Winter Wonderland” was recorded live at Q Division Studios last week. We think it came out pretty great and wanted to share it with you.

Me on acoustic guitar. Jesse on piano. Both of us singing together – with Paul Janovitz on camera, Pat DiCenso behind the board, and Ed Valauskas on sleigh bells (we fired him…you will not hear any sleigh bells on this recording).

This video is for our “12 Days of Christmas Dual Holiday Exclusive Package” that Jesse and I are offering starting as part of both of our Pledge Music campaigns. Jesse is also doing a Pledge campaign just in case you were unaware. We started our things about a week apart, and thought this would be a fun thing to do together.

From 12/20 thru 12/31, if you pledge on the new Tim Gearan CD, you will get a free download of Jesse Dee’s new record as well + the MP3 of “Winter Wonderland” for just $15.00.

If you pledge on Jesse’s CD on his page, you’ll also get my record as a free download + the MP3 for just $15.00.

Merry Christmas" - Tim Gearan

Tim Gearan
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