An Eldridge Rodriguez Christmas

New X-Mas EP this Week!
Someone You Need to Know

ER - Christmas Eve (At Old Country Buffet)
an exclusive RSL Mix version!

There's a point in the listening to this simply amazing 3-song holiday EP (on MIDRIFF) - when you realize just how good Eldridge Rodriguez and his crew are... In this humble music writer's opinion, ER (as he is known) is producing some of the best new music in the Boston area, both as an independent artist and with his band, The Beatings.

But in the name of keeping things how they are and to truly enjoy the bleak holiday songs, just get into this holiday treat while it's still available (LINK limited time $2.99 download) and ignore for a minute that this guy's been doing this all year long... Previously in 2011, ER launched one of the region's best studio albums in "You Are Released." (Review) This is one of the area's best musicians and a handpicked group of friends making the best music of their lives.

The Christmas EP is classic Eldridge Rodriguez - the three songs share a realistic if not bleak telling of the season - the history of growing up on the Allston-Brighton Line. Rodriguez's pen often complains of heartbreak, isolationist settings and repeatedly include themes of lost place, - his style also has a pioneer quality - the protagonist, a perceptive character nearly always, is empowered and strong in his will to survive it all... Find out why I once wrote that "Eldridge Rodriguez is Boston's Dark, Beating Heart... " - Ryan Spaulding

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