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at Stubbs in Austin, TX 3/17/10

Visqueen's Rachel Flotard
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VISQUEEN ON HIATUS - Unfortunate news this week with a press release from the legendary Visqueen, formed ten years ago by Rachel Flotard and Ben Hooker, has announced that they're going on what could be a very long, possibly permanent hiatus...


"Ben and I have been playing music together for probably 13 years. He's my dude. Last year I had to tour without him (raising young families and touring sometimes do not coincide). You know what? It WASN'T FUNNY! I mean, the band played great and we rocked it, but for me, personally, it was not the same. Visqueen is about the two of us and our jokes and riding around in the van. While in this stage of family and art and economics and music intertwined, we decided to put down what we were doing to better appreciate it and try something different. We have always taken risks together and this is the same thing. Right now I can't really tell you how big the changes in our camp are, but let's just say they're multiplying..."

"All of us love being part of this band, and the best way to move forward artistically and lovingly was to let it go for a while. Make no mistake, this does not mean the end of music for ANY us. I hope to be a very gray old lady making a rock and roll fool of myself and my children for years to come. Cristina [Bautista, Visqueen's bassist] has an amazing solo EP out. Ben and I continue to play together during out free time. It's about that! We made three records and dozens of songs that we're really proud of. They've taken us further than we could have ever imagined.
The ride is in no way over, just on fresh tracks. xo, Rachel"

Flotard (who operates Seattle's Local 638 Records) has announced two local final shows for Visqueen. Both are charity events:

11/19 - at the Paramount in Seattle with Rainn Wilson (Charity Event for Mona Foundation) Tickets are still available.

11/26 - Visqueen Fare Thee Well Performance at The Neptune in Seattle. All proceeds will be donated to Youthcare and Northwest harvest. Info & Tickets.

Visqueen - SxSW performance 3-17-10

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