Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Great Scott

Photographic Evidence
by Chris March

We Take You There...
Great Scott
Boston, MA - 11.7.11


Our Photographer Speaks! - Slim Cessna's road weary bedraggled crew, straight out of a Flannery O'Conner story, bring the good people a show that's both vaudeville and country punk. This dustbowl era like carnival is consistently the best live act I've ever seen. These photo's can't put you there, but I hope they capture a certain amount of what Slim Cessna's Auto Club is about.

Hailing from Denver Colorado, Slim Cessna's Auto Club has been converting audiences with their insane live revival throughout the U.S. and Europe for the last decade. They've shared the stage with Johnny Cash, Throwing Muses, Cake, Primus, and Reverend Horten Heat. They've recently released their 8th album, "Unentitled" on Jello Biafra's (of the Dead Kennedy's) Alternative Tentacles label. - Chris March

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