The Sidewalk Driver Interview

Advanced Notice
Thursday 12-1-11
w/ The B-52s!

$35 tickets are available
arrive early for the 7pm set

On the Eve of their appearance on Boston's biggest stage, I sat down with Tad McKitterick - the celebrated frontman of the city's wildest band. If you have never seen the band you are missing out. Dollar for dollar, this is probably the best entertainment for your buck. McKitterick, besides being funny as hell, is probably one of the region's strongest vocalists. The best part? You never know what you get with a Sidewalk Driver show!

RYAN SPAULDING (RSL): Sidewalk Driver is equal parts mesmerizing hard rock and dynamo theater. How long have you guys been playing together?

TAD MCKITTERICK: - I have a BA in dynamo theater! Our first show was in 2005 but we've picked up a couple new members along the way. Jared joined in'08 and Jonn signed up in'09

RSL - Is what you are doing now actually what you set out to do when you became a musician or has the sound and stage presence for both you and the band evolved from the earliest days to be what it is today?

TAD - I wouldn't say it's exactly the same. I knew I wanted to be the singer in a rock and roll band since I was a kid but I never knew I'd become such a symbol of masculinity!! (Both of us are smiling.) I've been doing the whole glitter thing since Sidewalk Driver started, but it has certainly been refined. At our first few gigs I looked like I was wearing cloths made out of the fluff from Rainbow Bright's lint trap.

RSL - Well let's talk about that. I think the stage show is worth the price of admission alone! What is the usual response for first time fans coming up to you after shows? Does the craziness earn you a lot of free drinks?

TAD - Actually, it does!! We get a very positive response from first timers. During our first few tunes, the room is just sort of staring at the spectacle and my cheekbones. Then they start to really get into it and by the end, they're dancin'! The free drink thing is awesome! I always feel a little guilty about it, but the guilt fades by the second sip.

RSL - I suppose it wouldn't be an interview if I didn't ask you what musicians out there have provided musical inspiration for you over the years?

TAD - As a band, we have a lot of different influences. Obviously we all share an affinity for music from the 70's, but we each also bring some other sensibilities to the mix. For example, I like awesome stuff and Kate, Jared, AJ and Jonn just like crap...!

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