Soul Sensation: OldJack

Confirmed to Play:
NYC 10/21 during CMJ - Free!
7 Bands from 6 U.S. Cities.

New England's best soul act.

OldJack - Chorus Line
Boston Song of the Year.

REASON TO BELIEVE - The story of OldJack, like the story of all bands on the rise, is filled with blood and sweat, hard work, determination, and the just the right amount of fate and luck. The results for OldJack speak for themselves. Currently the best soul act in New England, they rode that role throughout the 2011 Rock 'n Roll Rumble contest all the way to the final night of the celebrated contests here in Boston. And while they did not win, they were undeniably the underdog favorite right up until the end.

And with good reason. The band are so ridiculously well practiced, audiences forget they aren't in a concert hall instead of a corner bar. Much of that can be credited to the showmanship of frontman Dan Nicklin who should be a Singer of the Year candidate at the upcoming Boston Music Awards. He pours his soul into every line and audiences love every moment of it.

The band's sound is a testament to the focus and time that Nicklin and talented guitarist Ryan Peters put into it. The pair pour over the notes endlessly, working out intricacies over bourbon until the wee hours of the morning. As a result, the songs take on magical qualities when they are played live with the full band.

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OldJack are (from left:) Emily Belastock, Christie Beaulieu, Kelly Davis, Derek Feeney, Dan Nicklin, Jason Meeker, Hugh Wyman, and Ryan Peters

Tonight in Cambridge - The world is taking notice of these unlikely soul heroes from Boston. With offers for live shows coming in support of notable live artists (they play the Boston live show of the week tonight in support of the amazing Langhorne Slim & the Law at TT the Bears,) the best days are yet to come.

The Outlaw Roadshow - The band are in the studio at Mad Oaks with BMA Producer of the year Captain Benny Grotto who are helping them craft a new EP set in an effort to capture the eight-piece band's remarkable live sound. These songs will be released at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City. Come to our free show on 10/21 and catch them live for yourself! Seeing perhaps my favorite band right now play a festival stage I helped to setup is probably one of the most rewarding things a music blogger can do. I very much hope to see you there!

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