NEW VIDEO: Slow Runner - "Strange Days"

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Best of 2011 Artist Series

NEW FROM SLOW RUNNER - We love sharing the works of our favorite bands, so it's a given that if Slow Runner (a RSL Best of 2011 Artist + handpicked to play The Outlaw Roadshow at this year's CMJ) does something cool - we will be there to tell you about it. And today, on the verge of their upcoming European Tour they definitely have.

STRANGE DAYS - This new music video for "Strange Days" is the creation of the talented Chris March - who is also a Ryan's Smashing Life photographer! The results of bringing this band and visionary together are amazing. If you want to know more about SLOW RUNNER's NEW ALBUM or CHRIS MARCH's PHOTOGRAPHY let your mouses do the clickin'. Here is the new video for that album's title track.

directed by Chris March

European Tour Dates

Wed/November-9-11 Oxford
Thu/November-10-11 Leeds, UK
Fri/November-11-11 Glasgow
Sun/November-13-11 Manchester
Mon/November-14-11 Dublin
Tue/November-15-11 Rehearsal
Wed/November-16-11 Rehearsal
Thu/November-17-11 London, UK
Mon/November-21-11 Kiel, Germany
Tue/November-22-11 Coppenhagen, Denmark
Wed/November-23-11 Stockholm, Sweden
Fri/November-25-11 Helsinki, Finland
Sun/November-27-11 Oslo, Norway
Mon/November-28-11 Lund, Sweden
Wed/November-30-11 Rostock, Germany
Thu/December-1-11 Hamburg, Germany
Fri/December-2-11 Bielefeld, Germany
Sat/December-3-11 Hannover, Germany
Tue/December-6-11 Luxembourg
Mon/December-12-11 Stuttgart, Germany
Tue/December-13-11 Munich, Germany
Wed/December-14-11 Heidelberg, Germany
Fri/December-16-11 Bremen, Germany
Sun/December-18-11 Groningen, Netherlands
Tue/December-20-11 Dresden, Germany

Slow Runner
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