Hey Marseilles: Set to Soar

Confirmed to Play:
NYC 10/21 during CMJ - Free!
7 Bands from 6 U.S. Cities.

One of our favorite bands - you'll be smiling ear to ear!

HEY MARSEILLES - I am firmly convinced there are people out there whose paths you cross for a reason. This theory can easily be proven in my view by thinking of how often we each run into someone in our lives periodically, again and again - despite the odds. Hopefully these people mean good things for us. That's what this post is about in a way, except my friend, interestingly... is a seven-piece from Seattle.

BEST SHOW IN TOWN, JUST GOT BETTER - I am very pleased to bring Hey Marseilles to The Outlaw Roadshow lineup in New York later this month. This is the band who played my birthday party last year. Seems our paths keep crossing and that's a really great thing. The accolades and blogger praise are well earned, here. We added HMs' Travels & Trunks album (2010) as one of the best of the year. But it was their performance at my birthday party last year that really won me over - an awesome performance! Still more folks were drawn into the fold by this amazing music video by Haley Young (above). Not ones to rest on their laurels, Hey Marseilles have a new EP coming out soon called, Elegy, which I can't wait to get my hands on. Pre-order just opened up this week!

Join us on Friday, Oct 21 from noon to 6pm in New York City. It's a free show. And there's six other bands, a total of seven, from cities across America. And free pizza. Limited to legal club capacity.

HEY MARSEILLES - To Travels and Trunks

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