Viva Voce, The Parson Red Heads and Let's Whisper

Out Tonight Boston
By Julie Stoller

Two wonderful Portland, Oregon bands (and another from Burlington, Vermont) will be pulling into GREAT SCOTT [tix], to help get your week off to a great start. Viva Voce are the cool, sensuous and psychedelic duo of Anita and Kevin Robinson. They just released The Future Will Destroy You this past summer, on Vanguard Records. The Parson Red Heads are lovely people with a sweet, gentle sound and gorgeous harmonies, spreading good cheer wherever they go. Their new album is Yearling.

The Parson Red Heads
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NEW ENGLAND SOUND - And some very nice acoustic pop from Let’s Whisper will make a perfect start to the evening. They are about to embark on a tour of the UK. If you’re looking to seriously chill and recharge on this Monday night after a rough weekend, this is most definitely the show for you.

Let's Whisper
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Viva Voce
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