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OUR FAVORITE BANDS - It's a beautiful thing when the bands you personally champion, continue to prove you right! For the unacquainted, please meet Buffalo's Son of the Sun - a glorious rock five piece making their own hook-laden, throwback rock and sunshine-tone, Seventies pop.

Having been inspired by their sound and then by their live performance, I booked the band to play our annual NYC showcase during CMJ Week (photos). [Editor's Note: Last Year / This Year] Wow what a huge success that show was and what a great set by SOTS - as one of the big winners last October, they have gone on to have a huge year so far in 2011.

None of the accomplishments this year are any bigger than the release of the band's gorgeous six-song EP "Almost Not There." It includes the singe and video for "My Best Mistake" and the video you just watched. Possibly the best "friendly" post-breakup song of the year.

Son of the Sun

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