Photographic Evidence
by Mark Jenko

We Take You There...
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA - 8.19.11

Happy accidents will unfold if you only give yourself the chance to find & enjoy them. I was torn between a handful of solid live options on August 19th and opted to go see Denmark's Figurines. The openers for their set this time round has been Cincinnati's Pomegranates... Their musicianship and timing told me right away this was not a band to take lightly. And I was right, by the time the night wrapped up it was - and not Figurines (who still put on a hell of a show) that had blown me away.

The offer is on the table guys. If you want to come back to Boston I will give you a show and we'll fill the room for you. To my original point, you have to be willing to open your heart to new music to get mesmerized by it. This band wasn't even on my radar and they proved to be one of the better sets I've seen in Boston this summer. POMEGRANATES ARE ONE TO WATCH


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