Ivan & Aloysha at Lee's Palace

Photographic Evidence
by Mark Jenko

Never Before Seen Images...
Lee's Palace *
for NxNE - 06/18/11

*Probably the Hottest Venue this year.
The lines wrapped around the corner!

Seattle's Ivan & Alyosha are named for the main characters in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov. Appropriately lyrical and deep, the songs of the band are stories about life and the things that occupy mens' minds. Earlier this year, I was delighted to invite them to play RSL's celebrated Smoke & Sand Showcase during SxSW in Austin, TX.


These images were taken at Lee's Palace in Toronto during NxNE - a magical time of discovery north of the border. Hat's off to booker over at Lee's - you did a great job this year. These images mark our first festival foray outside the confines of the US and we will certainly be going back for more. {editor's note: click the NxNE tag at the end of the post for more photographs in Toronto - click Mark Jenko tag is see more of his live images for RSL}

Ivan & Alyosha
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