Adam Duritz you rock!

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Live Video from Last Night

Playing just a few selective dates this fall, Counting Crows have been met by anxious fans and the reviews have been excellent. That was the case - another strong showing last night in Puyallup, Washinton for The Fair there. Counting Crows were supported by RSL favorites Kasey Anderson and the Honkies - a sick 1-2 ... (Interestingly, I believe our friend, Crows centerpiece Adam Duritz may have read and listened to Kasey for the first time on our website.) That def makes a music blogger feel good. Perhaps that's what motivated our friend Adam to wear his RSL T-SHIRT out on stage for the entire night in front of thousands of fans and hundreds of cameras last night! Adam you rock.

Counting Crows have a sparkling new concerthall DVD ... [Amazon sale]
Kasey Andersonhas a Top 2011 record called, "Heart of a Dog" and another on the way...

Get One of Your Own.


Anonymous said…
way to give yourself a hard on.
Ryan Spaulding said…
if you say so, man.

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