Typhoon at Newport Folk 2011

Newport Folk #52
Photos by Mark Jenko

Summer Home

A WINNING EXPERIENCE AT NEWPORT - I suppose there are all kinds of ways to say a band of as many as 13 musicians jamming sounds like the soft breeze and climbs to thunderstorm. That description seems fitting for Typhoon. Having arrived at Newport on a pillow of winds, the hard-working Portland band are now just finally seeing the praise they so obviously deserve. They were amazing before their tour with Decemberists, but that exposure has been invaluable in the growth process. A stop at Newport, in which hardened old-school folkies fully embraced their set, may have helped seal the deal.

The music is organic-sounding, is that even possible? Sweeping undercurrents of opposing instrumentation rise like the choppy seas of change and overtook the set which moved in altogether new and exciting directions during Typhoon's set. Despite their back catalog and all those years stumping - this hopeful set at Newport and their road ahead feels like a new beginning.

White Liars
CPR/Claws Pt. 1
The Common Sentiment
Summer Home
Kitchen Tile
Starting Over (Bad Habits)
The Honest Truth
Down, Cowboy


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