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Beautiful Stuff out of Austin, TX!

I have the luxury, upon discovery of any twist or turn in the road, to share something new and exciting - even if I don't know much about the act or their background. Such is the case today. This is great, great fare - and a relative mystery to me...

Paul Cauthen's granddad, a preacher, taught him to sing and play guitar while Dave Beck earned an upright 1950 Kay bass from his father, a world-traveling Texas musician. The two met when each brought their guitars and writing notebooks to a park in San Marcos, TX, walking to an island by a waterfall, and quickly discovered that their voices fit into incredible natural harmonies. According to the duo's facebook and twitter pages, they now work and reside in Austin.

If the title track is representational of what we can expect, we should all be very excited... Certainly One to Watch!

Beck & Cauthen
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David Beck and Paul Cauthen


Ryan Spaulding said…
This band now goes by the name SONS OF FATHERS. I love the fact that we've written about them before the first name most people will ever know!

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