Must-Have 2011: THE CIVIL WARS

RSL 2011 Music Picks
Best of the First-Half Nominee...

THE BEST NEW ACTS - Having done this for five years now - sifting through music and sharing with you what I think is best or certainly most noteworthy - I am rarely as surprised as I was by The Civil Wars this year. I caught them but twice and have already fallen for their country-steeped themes but their rhythm and two piece harmonies is what really took me in. Both John Paul White and Joy Williams are gifted singers. Together, they are unstoppable. An Artist of the Year nomination wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Seeing two people make this much music together without fancy tricks or technology is just stunning. Check the link for the video in Boston, below. I think it's safe to admit that some part of me is now in love with Joy Williams.

Joy Williams & John Paul White


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