The Virus that Changed the World

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Weaponized Viruses are Very Real

Stuxnet changed our world - overnight

Lights Up by Dirty Bombs
Virus Art by Laura Splan

Like it or not, this is real... Despite all our military spending the world's potentially most deadly foe has been identified and it's little more than smart code. For months, observers on both sides of the Atlantic have been feverishly trying to determine what Stuxnet is. Much of that time was spent deciding just how much to tell people.

Governments worked feverishly to determine just how big Stuxnet really is. And what they discovered was a virus exponentially bigger than anything they had seen before. It has infected computers all over the globe - including major power plants, substations and large sections of private industry here in North America -- and was laying dormant. It was created with a singular purpose in mind. Now the reality is how do we plan to secure ourselves in a world in which such viruses - the real AI - are now a reality? Chilling.

Video Details: Direction and Motion Graphics - Patrick Clair, written by Scott Mitchell. Production Company: Zapruder's Other Films.


jcscarlett10 said…
FIRST. also, DAMN. this is dangerous.
Anonymous said…
the graphics and typography are awesome!

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