LMD = Louder My Dear

June 2011
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A FRESH START - You can't help but think we are at the beginning of something new, exciting and - and possibly maybe even a little scary. There are a lot of people out there that feel this way. Maybe this is just the sound they need to hear... Louder My Dear are an exciting new four-piece from Boston playing ranging indie rock with an anchor in shoegaze's muddy shores. Lyrically smart and relevant without being preachy; here we are presented with echoes of a past that maybe we should have listened to in the first place. Winning!

SHAKE-UP LEADS TO ARTISTIC CHEMISTRY - Following the success of the Self-titled release by Scuba (Midriff Records), and their unfortunate dissolution, David Grabowski (guitar/vox) found himself sitting on a cache of new material. Writing and tracking on his own, Grabowski acquired the help of Producer, Mike Quinn, at Moontower Studios, to bring those tracks to life. What emerged was Louder My Dear, and in 2010, the band began playing out regularly to an overwhelming positive response. The current line-up, backing Grabowski, includes: Dennis Grabowski, of Boston ‘s Indie Juggernaut The Beatings, here now on guitar(!), Jason Macierowski (Das Happening, Necktie Party) on bass, and introducing Jim Greenleaf, un-jaded by the scene, on drums.

VERDICT: GREAT NEW ALBUM "A" - There's a kind of wild intensity and yet a gentle stillness in these songs, opposed and dancing together in a beautiful graveyard or an overgrown beach. It makes some weird, swirling atmospherics for the listener. There's tons of reflection to be done in these songs. (It's really what goes on between your ears that makes all the diffference.) Shut yourself in, hit play and learn something about new music - and yourself. One of the best new albums I have heard this year. Certainly one of the very best to emerge from the Northeast!

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Adin said…
They sound amazing, where can I find their music?

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